Point Group

Brings together a group of companies with great experience in representing products and services in the Construction and DIY business.

Point Production

Production house

A Film and TV production company with tremendous experience in creating advertising and educational videos for construction, home renovation and diy products.

In addition to countless videos, ads and photo shoots for big construction companies, Point Production is a producer and owner of two unique TV projects.

Point Studio

Advertising and distribution

Full service advertising agency with 15 years of experience working with top brands in the construction business.

Having our own communication channels such as two popular TV shows, two video streaming web platforms and several social communities, gives us great advantages and flexibility for establishing new brands on the market.

Mission My Home

TV Show

The TV Show for Construction, Home renovation, Furnishing and Design. Presents new costruction methods, materials, systems, products, design and planning methods.

To Know How

TV Show

To Know How is the first step To Can Do. Presenting the most modern tools, materials and techniques, the TV Show is aimed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

ELITECAD Architecture

CAD Software

Easy. Fast. Efficient. Parametric.

User-friendly CAD Software with innovative features, that turns 3D building modelling into an experience.
More than just plans and 'beautiful images'.
How much is three plus 1?: